J&K People behind Shujaat Bukhari’s case are building an environment to get me killed: Imtiyaz Hussain

SRINAGAR: Senior police officer posted in Baramulla has claimed vendetta by certain anti-social elements against him and alleged a probable life threat for his outspokenness.

Imtiyaz Hussain, in a series of posts on micro-blogging site Twitter, poured his plight out and said that “some well-known people” hyperactive on social media “are building an environment” to get him killed.

“There are some well-known people hyperactive on Facebook and Twitter who are building an environment to get me killed. These people claiming to be journalists aren’t apparently working with any media house… Having never been afraid of death, and it would be an honour to get sacrificed in the line of duty, the perception being created against me is slanderous. I am among very few police officers who are active on social media, and being forthright, calling a spade a spade,” Hussain said on Twitter.

Addressing the issue, the senior police officer said that this very of his attitude is proving to be intolerable to such people and as a result, he is being targetted. “This is becoming intolerable to them and their bosses across have employed them to target me. They want to silence me on social media.”

Furthering his plight, Hussain also claimed that these elements are the same people who have been responsible for building a case for slain Jammu and Kashmir journalist Shujaat Bukhari.

“Shujaat had confided in me how some media people had been spreading canards against him and creating a conducive atmosphere for his murder. We, being a liberal democracy, such elements take full advantage of our liberal laws, knowing it very well that law can’t touch them,” the officer said.

Former Jammu and Kashmir Director General of Police Shesh Paul Vaid came in support of Hussain and said that the “entire police force was with him”.

“Imtiaz, you are a fine and bold officer who has been putting across the views of the department fearlessly on social media and an officer with high integrity. Have faith in Allah, no harm will come to you. The entire police force has always been behind you,” Vaid said.

Acknowledging Vaid’s support, Hussain said he is worried more about the slanderous campaign against the Jammu and Kashmir Police.

Not afraid but worrying is the smear, maligning and slander campaign against J&K Police and its officers who’re bravely fighting proxy war/terrorism for last 30 years with an impeccable record and huge sacrifices. We aren’t here for any other project except to establish peace,” he replied. (PTK)