PUBG Mobile imposes six-hour gameplay restriction in India


PUBG Mobile players in India were thrown in a frenzy after some users started receiving health reminders. The popular battle royale game warned users of playing for six hours and barred them from playing further. 

PUBG Mobile India clarified that it would soon fix the “Healthy Gaming System” issue.

On the occasion of Holi, many PUBG MOBILE players have reported a playtime restriction in the game. Many media reports have also said stated that PUBG MOBILE is throwing up reminder in-game while playing for more than two hours. 

It is said that PUBG MOBILE is throwing up a reminder after two hours of continuous gameplay. Once ignored, the game will again throw up another reminder to take a break from the game.

If ignored once again, then PUBG MOBILE will throw up a ‘Health Reminder,’ blocking the player for a limited period of time. Players are reporting that the game doesn’t allow playing the game for at least 15 minutes after the third reminder is thrown up. So far, only players in India are reporting about the playtime limiter and nobody has reported it from outside India.

Although the PUBG MOBILE team hasn’t given out an official statement so far, it seems that the development team has acted quickly to save the game from getting banned further in more places. PUBBG has so far been banned in Gujarat schools.

The district administration of Rajkot also issued an official ban on the game and police made a few arrests after it caught 10 youngsters playing PUBG in public place.

PUBG MOBILE is a free-to-play game and is available on Android and iOS devices. The game was launched almost a year ago and quickly caught attention amongst mobile gamers. 

PUBG MOBILE breathed back life into the mobile gaming industry with its console-level graphics as well as gameplay. Also, unlike other games on the mobile platform, PUBG MOBILE was optimized to run even on a low-end smartphone, thereby increasing its reach. The game’s popularity went up to the extent that it got its own eSports events.

The playtime limiter is a step towards the right direction for ensuring a healthy gameplay experience. It could also work in a way to prevent the game from getting banned in more places across the country. (Agencies)