Srinagar Mayor Mr Junaid Mattu Launches Social Compaign “IJLAAS”

Junaid Azim Mattu

Srinagar, March 28 : Mayor Of Srinagar Mr. Junaid Azim Mattu today launched a new Campaign “IJLAAS” in which he will be assembling and gathering a group of people and take a tour of the areas in the city.

Under this campaign the Mayor of Srinagar will reach out to the people and address their issues on spot. The campaign is designed to meet the needs of the people and also to give an equal opportunity to all.

Mr. Mattu visited Khushipora HMT today Morning and kick started “IJLAAS.”

He took a walking tour of the area. Mr. Mattu said that such campaigns are important to bridge the gap between a common man and the SMC resulting in positive developments of the city.

Mr. Mattu added that “IJLAAS” is a campaign where meetings will be held with fellow citizens and community groups.

These meetings will have face to face interactions with people and will be a Direct People Contact Campaign.