SC refusing to stay HC order on tik tok ban highly appreciable. Made way for PUBG ban. Mujahid Raqif Makhdoomi


Says the same way PUBG must be treated as it promotes violence. 

Srinagar: Mujahid Raqif Makhdoomi President Force Green Students wing JKPA while expressing satisfaction on the move by Honorable Supreme Court said “ SC refusing to stay the order of Honourable High court is a welcome step and has simultaneously paved the way to ban PUBG”. 

The immortality that was taking over our society will be put to an end. The abusive language that being used in some tik tok videos will also be put out by the ban on tik tok. 

The tik tok ban must be seen a step towards PUBG ban. The PUBG ban that has attracted criticism not only different sections of society but from the office of Honourable Deputy Mayor of Srinagar Mujahid Sheikh Mohammad Imran but the Governor administration is yet to take any strong action is really unfortunate.

The PUBG that’s related to killing people is making the players grow sadistic as their win is getting the other one killed. And  this is serious concern. The Honorable Governor who already has been convinced by the Honorable Deputy Mayor Srinagar Mujahid Sheikh Mohammad Imran to ban PUBG should take the matter seriously and should get the game banned. 

Mujahid Raqif Makhdoomi while speaking on the #IamMujahid said “The campaign is being criticized by the every Indian national media as it a word “Mujahid ” in it ”. The word Mujahid symbolizes the one who wants to puts efforts to change things to better. And it’s well evident and vibrant from the actions of Mujahid Sheikh Mohammad Imran that he will change the things to good and has also changed things to good. 

The support to the campaign is growing day by day not only in Kashmir but all over the world which is a welcome step and we will campaign will keep all the Chowkidars at bay. The way Mujahid Imran addressed a press conference in front of Ghanta Ghar one among the centers of resistance and refusing to stay in AC in room is a clear proof that word Mujahid suits to him the best. 

Advisor to President and Additional General Secretary Force Green Students Wing JKPA Mujahid Abdul Hanaan khan while commenting on tik tok ban said “ The abusive environment that has been created in Kashmir due to tik tok where we are seeing unnecessary fight between on the name of being from city or village will be put to an end by the ban order ” Speaking on #IamMujahid campaign started by Honorable Deputy Mayor Mujahid Sheikh Mohammad Imran he said “ The campaign is giving these chowkidars a tough time. They are day in and day out trying to make Mujahid Sheikh Imran to give the campaign but the support from people won’t make him do so”

Meanwhile General Secretary Mujahid Mir Amjid Altaf, Additional General Secretary Mujahid Abdul Hanaan khan and Secretary Mujahid Burhan Nazir Bhat has appreciated Honorable SC to refuse to stay the ban order on tik tok. They also said #IamMujahid campaign is being accepted by the people of Kashmir especially by the Youth is a clear proof that youth won’t allow bjp to enter valley.