No inter-district movement till cases decrease in Kashmir: Div Com

Owing to the rise of positive coronavirus cases in the Valley no inter district movement would be allowed in Jammu Kashmir. Talking to Rising Kashmir, Divisional Commissioner Kashmir P K Pole said it would not be safe to allow people from one district to another at this juncture.

“We are witnessing many positive cases in the Valley. So in this case allowing people to move from one district to another won’t be feasible,” Pole said.

He said, as of now, the authorities are focused to bring all the stranded people at different states home safely.

“After the process of bringing back all the stranded people outside is complete, only then will we allow inter-district movement,” he said.

At least 49,218 stranded people have been evacuated from different states of India in the past few days.

On providing some relaxation after May 17, Pole said they were awaiting the guidelines from the Government of India (GoI) before taking any decision on the issue. “In the next two days, we will take the decision on the relaxation,” he said.

Talking to Rising Kashmir, Deputy Commissioner Srinagar Shahid Choudhary had said that in view of the huge influx of people coming from outside and high number of cases, “there will be no immediate relaxation in the city”.

Choudhary said the situation is at the most critical stage and a high number of cases and COVID- 19 spread the pattern in the city requires utmost caution.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Tuesday confirmed that there would be the fourth phase of lockdown, but said its contours would be very different from the rules that shaped the three lockdowns since March 25, with the last scheduled to end May 17.