“Missing file” of Parray Commission report on Fake State Subject certificates, finds traces to Mehbooba’s door

Basharat Bukhari opens “pandora box”, claims, “File was sent to then CM”

Srinagar, Mar 20: As the debate on the fate of ” domicile Certificate Commission” recommendations, popularly known as ” Parray Commission Report on Fake State Subject certificates”, has intensified following a story by a local weekly, the buck seems to be stopping none other than the former Chief Minister and PDP President Mehbooba Mufti’s door as the file finds its traces to her office wherefrom “Nobody knows” where it actually landed.

Mehbooba’s one time close aide and former Revenue Minister Syed Basharat Bukhari has hinted that the “missing file” may have been shelved or thrown to dustbin by Mehbooba herself to appease her then ally BJP. He however, did not name or accused Mehbooba directly, but said the file had been sent to her office.

The National Conference leader and then revenue minister, Syed Basharat Bukhari who in the story has been blamed by some unknown PDP worker of ” having slept” over the file, Tuesday sought to clear the air and said the file along with ” specific” recommendations was sent to then Chief Minister for approval wherefrom it didn’t come back till he held the portfolio, to say the least.

Addressing a press conference in Srinagar, Mr. Bukhari said that nobody knows, not even he himself, where the file went thereafter from the then CM’s office but made it clear that he hasn’t seen it again eversince.

According to RNA, the former minister said, that he wanted to remian quite after a PDP leader (Nayeem Akahter) claimed to have no knowledge about the issue and someone from the party blaming him (Bukhari) for having slept over the file, but was forced to respond after many called him up and expressed unhappiness, saying,”they didn’t expect him to do like this.”

“I didn’t want to react but the water has began flowing over the head and my credibility seems to have come at stake, so I am here to make the things amply clear.” Bukhari told in a jam packed Press conference in the Nawa-e -Subah Complex and flanked by two other senior NC leaders.

“I raised the issue in Cabinet and briefed it about the violations that had been committed by the officers and reported by the commission. It triggered a heated debate in the cabinet as BJP ministers were also there, but I didn’t relent and put across my word.” Said the former Revenue minster, adding that a few days later, making that cabinet discussion the basis, ” I moved a note along with certain recommendations to then Chief Minster seeking her approval for not only the cancellation of 136 fraudently issued PRCs but also action against the officers involved.”

According to Mr. Bukhari he had unambiguously recommended action against the officers, officials and the abettors as per law, besides proposing to adopt the report of the commission and take “consequential” actions against the “delinquent” officers.

According to RNA reporter covering the presser, Bukhari said the file was sent to then Chief Minister, but added that he has never seen the file again thereafter.

“Those who say, we don’t have any idea were part of that cabinet where I raised the issue.” Said Bukhari, adding that if people want to play “martyr on Article 370 and 35-A, “why to do it by lying and “riding my back”.

“I even went to the extent in asking them why they all only speak on the 370 in public and actually doing nothing in practical to safeguard it.”

While referring to the source (the PDP leader) of the newspaper he Bashrat Bukhari said,” the PDP leader should tell people where the file is and what happend to his (Bukhari’s) note instead of pleading “fake ignorance.” (RNA)