NC, PDP equally responsible for destroying Kashmir: Er Rasheed

Engr Rasheed

Awami Ittehad Party (AIP) supremo Er. Rasheed on Sunday accused National Conference (NC) and Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) on being in hand-in-glove with the New Delhi so that special status of Jammu and Kashmir can be eroded.

Addressing an election rally at Chinar Park, Handwrara, Er. Rasheed said, “At the time of much talked grand alliance, to form the government, NC and PDP were never sincere.

Both of them had an understanding with New Delhi to continue with the Governor’s rule so that the special status of state is eroded and pro-resistance voices are suppressed without involving NC, PDP or Peoples Conference (PC) in the entire dirty show.”

He said that the upcoming parliamentary election will be a cross-check about the sincerity of Kashmiris, who have been blaming NC, PDP and PC “as mother of all evils”.

Er. Rasheed asked the people decide whether they want to support proxies of New Delhi and agents of extremist forces or want him to represent them in the parliament.

He asked people to vote for AIP in the upcoming parliamentary election for restoration of dignity, honor and rights of people of J&K.

He said that it looks strange that all the three parties (NC, PDP, and PC) are now trying to show sympathy with Kashmiris and are leaving no chance to abuse Delhi, whom they have been encouraging and facilitating behind the curtains to destroy self-respect of Kashmiris.

He said whether it is the banning of Jamat-e-Islami or JKLF, or harassing Mirwaiz NC and PDP are the real architects of all these conspiracies.