Muslim family names newborn boy ‘Narendra Modi’ in Uttar Pradesh

A Muslim family in Wazirganj in Uttar Pradesh’s Gonda named a newborn son ‘Narendra Modi’. The baby was born on May 23.

Gonda: As Narendra Modi is set to take oath as prime minister of India for a second term in office on May 30, a family in Gonda of Uttar Pradesh named their newborn son ‘Narendra Modi’. The baby boy was born to a Muslim family on May 23, the day of the election results.

Menaj Begum gave birth to a baby boy on May 23 in Wazirganj in Uttar Pradesh’s Gonda. When she called up her husband who lives in Dubai, he asked, “Has Narendra Modi won?” Menaj decided to name her son Narendra Modi.

Though the woman’s family initially did not like the woman’s wish, they finally gave up. Menaj’s father-in-law Mohammad Idris supported her decision. The child’s name has been officially registered as Narendra Damodar Das Modi.

Menaj wants her son to do good work like Modi. She wishes that her child becomes as successful as Modi. While speaking to news agency ANI, she said, “My son was born on 23 May, I called my husband who is in Dubai & he asked ‘Has Narendra Modi won?’ so I named my son Narendra Modi. I want my son to do good work like Modi ji & be as successful as him.”

The family is a big supporter of Modi. The newborn child’s grandfather is proud of his daughter-in-law for naming his grandson after the name of the country’s prime minister. When Idris was questioned about society’s reaction to the boy’s name, he said that it was their family matter and others cannot interfere in it.