Shahid Afridi

Former Pakistan cricketer Shahid Khan Afridi has asked India and Pakistan to leave Kashmir “for the sake of humanity” and let Kashmiris decide their own future.

“Don’t give Kashmir to Pakistan or India either. Let them be independent. Humanity is big thing. Human are being killed there (Kashmir). It hurts to see humans are being killed whatever religion they may belong,” Afridi said while addressing the students at British Parliament.

The flamboyant cricketer further said Pakistan is already struggling to manage its four provinces.

In April this year, the former Pakistan cricket team skipper had slammed India on its policy in Kashmir.

“Innocents [are] being shot down by [an] oppressive regime to clamp [down on] voice of self determination & independence,” Afridi had tweeted.

He had also termed the situation “appalling and worrisome” in Indian-administered-Kashmir.”

Back in March 2016, the cricketer had suggested that a lot of Kashmiri fans supported Pakistani cricketers.