Says “militants being denied shelter in Kashmir”

Srinagar, November 26 : Stating that there is no possibility of autonomy, freedom or merger with Pakistan in Kashmir, Governor Satya Pal Malik on Monday said that the people in villages are not giving shelter to the militants any more in Kashmir. Addressing students at (PRE- CONVOCATION ACADEMIC CONCLAVE), ITM University Governor said that the militants in the villages are not getting a space in the homes as people don’t provide them a shelter anymore.

He said that the Kashmir issue is there because of the dreams shown by the politicians for last fifty years. “Nobody including mainstream political parties, Hurriyat or Pakistan can resolve the Kashmir issue but the youth in the Valley only can resolve the Kashmir issue. I assure you that Dr Farooq, Mufti and Hurriyat’s can’t resolve the issue but youth only can resolve it,,” he said.

He said that the dreams shown by the politicians including autonomy, freedom and merger with Pakistan is not possible in the Valley, saying that the youth are now being given a hard-line teaching by being told that they will get a place in heaven after sacrificing their life but “I want to tell them that they can only have it when they are alive. I will give them everything whatever is possible within the ambit of Indian constitution.”

He said that a youth was recently selected in IPL and over 20000 people visited his house and congratulated him. Besides, a football match was being played recently between Mohan Bagan and Kashmir team and at least 36000 people were watching the match. “Police officer told me that where are stone pelters today and I told him that they are all watching the match who not only were supporting Kashmir team but also the opposite team,” he said.

Governor further said that CBC and Sainik schools were be opened in the Valley, which people have agreed to. He further added that Delhi demonize Kashmiris as people die at other places as well. “I talked to a media person on the embankment of Dal Lake for almost an hour and that too without security,” he said.

He said in the recent past, at least 30 candidates passed the JK Bank examinations but they were not appointed. “Later, they called on me and briefed me about the development following which I talked to Finance Secretary and all the candidates were later appointed,” he said.

About dissolution of Sate Legislative Assembly, Governor said that the people are ‘abusing’ fax machine but “let me tell them if they were serious to form the government then they should have come and meet me in this regard. It was Eid on that day and how could you expect that a Governor can sit before the fax machine on Eid and wait for anyone’s fax,” he said, adding that both Omar and Mehbooba later said that they actually wanted to dissolve the assembly and that has happened.

“I didn’t rang up New Delhi to seek their suggestion as may be they could have told me to allow Sajad Lone to form the government,” he said, adding that he dissolved the assembly as he had ‘apprehensions’ about horse-trading that could have led to killings and chaos in Kashmir. However, he said that both PDP and Sajad had ‘no numbers’ to form the government as nobody among them came forward with their numbers. He said that in case the government could have been formed then they would have deteriorated the situation that has been created in the Valley from past several months.

He further said that people praised him for taking such a decision. “I got many whatsApp messages wherein people hailed my decision,” he said.

Interestingly, Governor said that Sajad had also sent a letter to form the government but not to his PA but to the PA of erstwhile Governor N N Vohra.

He said that today militants, Hurriyat and two parties had threatened people to boycott polls, but despite that people came out and cast their ballots in large number. “People were being threatened if they vote in the Municipal and Panchayat polls,” he said.

Governor added that both Abdullahs and Muftis are patriotic but Hurriyat always follow the directions from Pakistan as they don’t even go to toilet without their permission. “We will talk to Hurriyat as they are the residents of Kashmir but not to Pakistan as a country, it won’t be allowed to decide anything on Kashmir,” he added.

According to KNO correspondent, he said that some Hurriyat leaders told him that even Musharraf suggested the Hurriyat to talk with India as it is a nuclear power and can’t be fight with.

He further added that nearly 300 militants are active in Kashmir and most of them are not trained, whose shelf life has been reduced to a year. He added that from past four months, there was no recruitment in the militancy and the stone pelting is totally decreased.