Apple has issued a warning to phone users, alerting them to the potential dangers of sleeping next to a charging phone. In a service announcement, the company emphasizes the importance of proper phone charging and highlights the risks associated with sleeping alongside a device connected to a charging cable.

The risks include the potential for fire, electric shock, injuries, or damage to the phone and property. To avoid these hazards, Apple strongly advises users to ensure their phones are charging while connected to a cable in an area with good ventilation.

Charging a phone beneath a blanket or pillow is also cautioned against due to the increased risk of the device overheating. The key message from Apple is clear: “Do not sleep on a device, power adapter, or wireless charger, and avoid placing them under a blanket, pillow, or your body while connected to a power source.” It is recommended that iPhones, power adapters, and wireless chargers should always be used or charged in well-ventilated spaces. 

Apple further highlights the potential danger of using third-party chargers, especially cheaper alternatives that may lack the safety standards upheld by Apple’s official products. To address this concern, Apple advises users to opt for “Made for iPhone” cables that adhere to international safety regulations.

The company explains that while it is possible to charge an iPhone using third-party cables and power adapters that meet USB 2.0 or later standards and comply with relevant safety regulations, other adapters may not meet these safety standards, posing potential risks of harm or even death. Apple’s warning extends beyond just sleeping while charging.

It also emphasizes the importance of avoiding charging phones near liquids or water and stresses the need to promptly discard damaged chargers. Using impaired cables or chargers, or charging in the presence of moisture, can lead to fires, electric shocks, injuries, or damage to both the iPhone and other property. 

In conclusion, Apple’s advice is to prioritize safety by following their guidelines diligently. By adhering to these recommendations, users can safeguard themselves, their phones, and their surroundings from potential hazards.