Dr Farooq Abdullah

National Conference president and three time former chief minister Dr Farooq Abdullah has said that using “Bhagwan Ram” has collapsed BJP in the five states that went to polls recently.

Talking to Kashmir News Service (KNS), Dr Farooq Abdullah said, “Using the name of “Bhagwan Ram” for winning elections has collapsed BJP. People have rejected Mandir-Masjid politics and upheld secular politics in the country.

For four years they didn’t remember a temple to be built in the name of “Bhagwan Ram” but in election time they remember “Bhagwan Ram”. People have voted against betrayal of promises, be it GST, demonetization or any other policy decision taken during last four years.

The value of Indian rupee has gone down, commitment of transferring fifty lakhs in the bank accounts of people and demonetization are the factors that have contributed to the defeat of BJP in the five states.”

Exuding confidence that the poll results in five states of the country will have a good bearing on all the three regions of Jammu and Kashmir state, Abdullah said, “I believe winds of change will bring good days to the people of Jammu and Kashmir also.” (KNS)