Altaf Thakur (File Photo)

Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) state spokesman Altaf Thakur strongly condemned the killing of an orphan Sikh boy Simranjeet Singh of Khassipora, Tral stating that the killing deserves all forms of condemnation and that it has once again come to fore that “some people continue to behave like animals and don’t deserve to be called as humans.”

In a statement issued here, Thakur said the Sikh boy was killed on the eve of Guru Gobind Singh’s birthday which reflects that “those who committed the act deserve to be called as terrorists.”

Thakur termed the killing as dastardly and barbaric act that stating that elements involved in Sikh boy’s killing are anti-peace, anti Kashmir and doesn’t want communal harmony to flourish. He urged police to identity the killers and punish them sternly.