SRINAGAR: A war of words between Srinagar’s Mayor and Deputy Mayor broke out on Thursday after the Mayor, Junaid Azim Mattu expressed his disapproval over Army’s involvement in cleaning the Dal Lake on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, Deputy Mayor Mohammed Imran has said that he would criticise the army if they committed any harm against the civilians, but if it is a good job such as assistance with the cleaning of Dal Lake, then he greatly appreciates the wonderful job.

On December 22, Imran had tweeted that the Srinagar Municipal Corporation, in collaboration with Army, Lakes and Water Ways Development Authority (LAWDA) and the local public of Dal was conducting a cleansing drive for 21 days, headed by him.

However, the Mayor Junaid Azim Mattu took to Twitter to point out that the Army was not needed in civic matters. He tweeted “SMC has not entered into any collaborative operation with the Army for any cleaning, de-weeding operations in Dal” on December 24.

Responding to a Twitter user, he further said “I don’t think the Army needs to venture into civil governance domains. Not the job of the Army.

The difference of opinion between these two major representatives of the Srinagar Municipal Corporation indicates a major rift between them. While Mattu is from the Sajad Lone-led People’s Conference, Imran is backed by Congress.