A Delhi university student Ahtisham Bilal from Khanyar locality of city who recently reportedly joined ISJK militant outfit was arrested by the police soon after he reached his home.

“He arrived home but was arrested by the DSP of the police,” said his father Bilal Ahmed told VMS.

A police officer also confirmed to Valley Media Service that they have taken the custody of Ehtesham. “Don’t call it can arrest,” he said.

Kashmiri student Ehtisham Bilal, who was missing after being beaten up by students in Sharda University in Noida-NCR on 4 October has reportedly joined militant ranks after returning to Valley as few days ago.

Ehtisham Bilal, 23, is a resident of Srinagar’s Khanyar area who was missing since 28 October, has joined Islamic State inspired militant group in Kashmir. Before he had gone missing, one of his family members said that he had called his cousin brother, also a student at the Sharda University that he was boarding a metro and that he will reach the hostel by 8:30 pm.

“He didn’t reach the hostel. We have no idea who kidnapped him. We have no idea if any agency has picked him up. We want to know where our son is,” said father of missing student.

On Friday, a video circulated on social media, showing Ehtisham’s photograph with ISIS flag and him talking about how he was beaten up in Delhi (The authenticity of the audio couldn’t be verified from other sources yet).

“This is a message to all who consider Jihad is a way of fighting,” he says in the audio. “Our blood is not white, we will give you tears of blood. I was looking into the eyes of those kufaar (non-Muslims) when they attacked me in groups like dogs, I felt I had delayed to be part of Jihad for long. But not anymore.”