Seeks prompt action against those involved in mediclaim scam

Reacting sharply to Governor Satpal Malik’s claim that J&K parties have no right to talk about Indo Pak talks, AIP President Er. Rasheed has said that Governor has said nothing new except making New Delhi’s real designs open.

While interacting with students from various universities in Srinagar Er. Rasheed said “Who can deny that Kashmiris are the fundamental party to the dispute and are tasting the bitterness’s of India and Pakistan winning freedom. Not only United Nations but New Delhi and Islamabad have talked to legitimate leadership of Kashmir from 1947 till date.

Had it been a bilateral issue New Delhi would never have utilized the services of Late Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah to persuade the Pakistani leadership for honourable settlement of the dispute between three parties.

Mr. Malik being at the helm of affairs and a mature experienced politician is witness to butchering of five lac. Muslims of the state, who were killed only for seeking resolution to Kashmir dispute.

If Kashmiris are not a party to the dispute why had New Delhi sent resistance leadership to Pakistan via Srinagar Muzafarabad bus and why did Parvez Musharaf talked to Huriyat leaders in Agra and L. K. Adwani in Delhi.

New Delhi has talked to five militant commanders in Srinagar and the one point agenda was finding resolution to Kashmir dispute”. Er. Rasheed added that how can it be possible that those who are sons of the soil and are being butchered every day by security forces only for seeking resolution to dispute, are not party to the dispute.

He said that New Delhi has history of confusions and broken promises and Kashmiris don’t need recognition from India or Pakistan as Kashmir belongs to them and no one can make them their integral part or jugular vein without their approval.

He said that Governor’s statement reflects the harsh reality that India wants just land, valleys and resources of Kashmir but not the people, however who can deny the Himalayan fact that Kashmir belongs to Kashmiris and no one else.

Governor should realize that Kashmiris will not beg for talks as their sacrifices and commitment will someday force India to deliver justice. Reacting on cancellation of mediclaim policy Er. Rasheed said “The issue is serious and if Governor himself confesses huge irregularities in the entire allotment, just cancellation of the contract is not enough but all those involved in engineering and facilitating the shameful contract need to be behind bars without delay and excuses.

In fact credible voices had questioned the entire process but no one paid heed to it. Those who were to get benefitted out of this contract need to be named publically and the state authorities and officials responsible for putting J&K on sale to Ambanies need to be sacked and jailed”.