Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Vice President Abdul Rahman Veeri on Wednesday urged the state government to fix and streamline the freight rate for the transport of the fruits from Kashmir during the present harvest season.
In a statement issued here, Veeri said that the “proper rates” of transportation for the export of fruits especially apples from Kashmir valley needs to be put in place by the government at the earliest so that the growers aren’t made to pay extra amounts by the transporters.

He added that the government without any delay has to fix the rates of the transportation so that the system is regulated and streamlined for the fruit growers who been battling hard to make their products available in the markets situated outside the state.
“Government must act while bearing in mind that farmers make up 80 percent of the state’s population and agriculture and horticulture are the backbones of the state’s economy. If the growers are taken for a ride by the transport companies, it will have a direct impact on their livelihood,” Veeri said.
The PDP vice president added that by the regulation and fixing of the transportation rates, government could extend a helping hand to the orchardists of Kashmir and can equip them to sell their fruits at affordable prices in the outside markets.