Governor counts development, corruption among ‘big challenges’

Set 6-months deadline for competition of  stalled projects; says people have been ‘mislead’ from 5 decades

Nadeem Nadu

Governor Satya Pal Malik, who has the crucial task of managing all affairs of the state under Governor’s rule following the PDP-BJP split, speaks to GNS about the work done under his administration and challenges ahead.


Since you joined do you think anything has changed in J&K?

There is a sea of change in the atmosphere of J&K. There is a people friendly governor house where the grievances of people are being heard and taken care of. As far as other political issues are concerned my narrative has calmed down the tempers of the people in the Valley, as they are witnessing open and honest outreach.

How challenging will be the security of the panchayat election contestants. Will they be provided with security?

As witnessed during the municipal elections, where not even bird was hurt, I hope this time also we will able to protect voters and candidates alike and I hope the people will support us in this endeavour.

What are the challenges ahead?

The development which is lacking in the Valley, the corruption which prevails everywhere and disenchantment in youth these are the issues which are to be addressed on priority.

It is being alleged that the election process in which Mayor was elected were predefined as you had signalled that Junaid Azim Matu will be the mayor of the city?

Thinking like this lacks common sense as I commented on this issue my premise was based on hearsay in the town. It was said by me that since the candidates from political parties are not ready to contest, somebody like Mr. Mattu getting elected will make political parties feel bad.

How do you see militancy? Local youths are joining militant ranks continuously

This is far away from the truth. Youth joining militancy in last 3 months is very minimal compared to previous year. Stone pelting has also reduced to almost nil and no big violent incidents have taken place in this period. I have successfully conveyed that violence will not solve any problem and ultimately it will be talking only that will yield a fruitful result.

How is overall development stalled due to the absence of democratically elected government?

It is the other way round. We have arranged 8000cr for all stalled projects to be complete and last week only we have sanctioned 2200cr for such projects and within 6 months we will see the completion of such projects.

What have you done to curb corruption as it is one of the main problems the state is facing?

As you must be aware that I have cancelled two very big deals where there was suspicion of wrongdoing. There is no person whose influence can change my decisions aimed to stop the corruption menace in the state. We have formed an anti-corruption bureau and given them the right to arrest and seize any property. To add we have also asked all the KAS office to declare all their properties online which was compiled till date by 97% officers.

Reports also suggest that bureaucrats, especially higher officials at the district level, are not doing their jobs properly in your rule. Has it come to your notice? What directions have you made for administration efficiency?

This is also other way round. You might have seen the way bureaucracy has worked during this natural calamity of snow blizzards and everybody knows they have to perform or perish. To add on the whole also the state machinery is actively doing their job in each and every aspect for the benefit for the state.

Power infrastructure witnessed breakdown recently due to the snowfall in Kashmir, do you think it was a failure of the administration?

It has nothing to do with the failure of administration the breakdown was due to natural calamity with trees falling on electrical lines and towers being destroyed but we immediate action and power was restored working 24 hours which never happened previously.

Do you have any message for the people of the state?

Yes, they must have faith in themselves. They belong to a great state; they should not be guided or misled by people who have sold them wrong stories since 50-60 Years and they should thrive for peace and communal unity and be a partner in the progress of the state.