(KTMF) President Mr Haji Muhammad Yasin Khan.

Srinagar,Dec 15 :  The Kashmir Economic Alliance (KEA) Chairman, Haji Mohammed Yasin Khan has condemned the continued bloodbath terming it “genocide” of Kashmiri’s Muslims by the government. 

In a statement, Khan who also heads the Kashmir Traders and Manufacturers Federation (KTMF) said Such dance of death cannot facilitate restoration of peace. Khan said, In the garb of AFSPA, the Army and other Armed forces have been unleashing terror on innocent Kashmiris and that human rights violations have reached the proportions of war crimes, the government should feel ashamed for its failure to safeguard precious human life, This all suggests a strategic genocide. 

Kashmir dispute has historical background and context which can’t be ignored and dealing with it militarily and adopting a policy that includes killings will not work, Khan said

“the systematic killing of people of Kashmir needs an immediate end or that this preprogrammed genocide will backlash in the form of a never before agitation the onus of which will on the government and its trigger happy forces.”

Expressing sympathies with the bereaved families, Khan said such killings would only fester Kashmir crises than bring any fruitful results. 

Khan appealed the International community  to actively contribute towards the solution of Kashmir issue so that sustainable peace is restored in the subcontinent.