Hundreds joined today protest march led by AIP President Er. Rasheed in Handwara against the Pulwama killings. Protesters carrying play cards, black flags and banners passed through various markets of Handwara and were raising forceful slogans against Pulwama massacre.

Addressing a large gathering at the main Chowk Handwara Molvi Shabir Rather urged New Delhi not to underestimate the will of Kashmiris and said that resolution to Kashmir issue is unavoidable. Addressing the gathering Er. Rasheed said “Nobody should underestimate the sacrifices of Kashmiris especially people of Kupwara who have sacrificed everything for the resolution of Kashmir dispute and are facing worst at the hands of security agencies every day.

No one has a right to sell the sacrifices of Heroes of Kupwara and any such move will be resisted tooth and nail. How it is possible that people of Kupwara will not feel the pain of their brothers in Pulwama as Kupwara has been the gateway of sufferings. New Delhi is seeing every Kashmiri as its enemy. Nobody believes in fake condolences and fake investigations. 

The so called SOP is nothing but just an eye wash to give an impression that security forces are following a procedure. As if blinding and jailing Kashmiris was not enough, men in uniform have crossed all moralities to butcher Kashmiris.

Army is killing Kashmiris only for being Muslims and the claims of having a secular, tolerant and disciplined character are false. J&K Police is unfortunately reinforcing New Delhi’s terror and the saner voices in JKP have been forced to shut their mouth.

Kashmiris don’t want violence as they don’t need it for the reason that their cause and case is strong enough to be heard by any civilized oppressor, but unfortunately New Delhi has lost all its decency and is keen bent to demoralize and degrade Kashmiris.

However facts being on the sides of Kashmiris, no one should be under the impression that Kashmiris can be silenced by power or bribed by concessions”. On the occasion protesters took a pledge to follow all those sensible voices who will represent sentiments, aspirations and sacrifices of Kashmiris.