Hurriyat Conference (M) while strongly opposing the establishment of yet another army camp at Qaimoh in Redwani area of south Kashmir’s Kulgam district said the people of this area have been left at the mercy of forces who have made the life of inhabitants miserable.

The spokesperson in a statement said that the area already has a full-fledged army camp and setting up another one at Redwani is a move to force those living there to migrate to other places, which is totally unjustified.

Even though the people of Redwani and Qaimoh area are on roads over the past one week against the setting up of army camp, the local authorities and the present government continues to pay deaf ears, he said.

The Hurriyat while standing with the people of Qaimoh, Redwani in this hour, stated that people of Kashmir will extend their support to the demand of removal of army camp and they should not feel alone in protesting they have initiated.

The government must ensure that the people’s demands are fulfilled and that the camp is removed without any further delay as the setting up of the camp has resulted in the immense hardships for the local inhabitants there as majority of them have decided to migrate to other places.

Meanwhile, the spokesperson strongly denounced the “deadly” assault on Kashmiri students studying in a university at Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh saying that Kashmiri students and traders in various parts of India are not safe and are facing life threats at the hands of fanatic elements.

“The assault on Kashmiri students was carried with an intention to kill them as those injured have been left with broken limbs and arms, which is highly undemocratic and unjustified,” he said adding, “The brutal assault on Kashmiri students is an attempt to instill fear among them and to push them out of colleges and universities outside Valley as is evident by that fact that many students have already reached back to their homes.”