Altaf Thakur (File Photo)

‘NC has ruined State since 1947 by filling personal coffers’

Srinagar, Dec 24: Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) state spokesman Altaf Thakur Monday lashed out at the National Conference patron Farooq Abdullah for his fresh autonomy rant stating that tall claims of bringing autonomy resolution in the State assembly is nothing but a political stunt to befool people of Jammu and Kashmir once again.

 Thakur said that people of the State are wise enough understand the political gimmicks of Abdullah family that through its family rule has ruined the State by filling their personal coffers.

In a statement issued there, Thakur said that as the elections come closer, the Abdullah family has once again started singing its Autonomy song, just to give people an impression that the party had don’t nothing wrong.

People of the State, Thakur said, remember how the NC leaders rigged 1987 polls that gave birth to militancy in the State, and how the party for its personal gains played with the State institutions, themselves eroded autonomy and then blamed New Delhi.

 The BJP state spokesman said that in 2010, NC presided over the massacre of youth of Kashmir while as Congress was at the centre watching killings silently. The former chief minister Omar Abdullah, Thakur said, must know that people haven’t forgotten the misdeeds of his party and will never allow NC to rule again on the State that instead of development saw turmoil only.

Training his guns at NC chief Dr Farooq, Thakur said that he is known for taking U-turns and now that elections are closer, he has started advocating Autonomy, which is nothing but an outdated document.  He said that people of J&K have seen enough of family rule and won’t get deceived by the cheap political slogans of autonomy any more.

Thakur said it has been the habit of NC leaders that whenever they are out of power, they speak in one language and when they get power, they toe another line just to remain glued to power.