After sexual harassment allegations, Mayor lands up in another mess

Jammu: A day after woman counselor accused Srinagar Mayor Junaid Mattu of sexual harassment, Deputy Mayor of SMC Sheikh Imran on Tuesday released audio clips on various social media platforms leveling allegations of corruption against Mattu.

In his audio clips, Sheikh Imran said that the Mayor is trying to be “father of the city but he is a mental patient and needs mental check up as he has lost his mental balance.”

Imran also termed him a “middle man” of BJP and PM Modi. “He (Mattu) is threatening the corporators and other persons by misusing the name of Narendra Modi and Ram Madhav. He is working on the diktats of of BJP”, said Imran in his audio clip. 

Imran alleged that the Mayor is promoting Illegal transfer through pick and choose method and corruption has become rampant. “He (Mayor) is interfering in the matters which don’t fall in his domain.” Imran is heard requesting the investigation agencies (CBI and Vigilance) to investigate the corruption case s. He is also heard urging BJP leadership to rein in Mattu. 

Its in place to mention here that the on December 31 (Monday) when people across the globe were busy with new year celebrations after the councilor Shaheena lodged a complaint of sexual harassment against the Mayor. She accused the Mayor and his Personal Assistant (PA) of harassing her and even going to the extent that her Pheran was tore apart by Mattu and his PA in his office chamber.

On the other side the Mayor said that he was not in the office on Monday and was busy in a meeting with the officers of SMC at his residence at Church Lane here. He said that the female councilor is of the age of his mother and it does not befit her to level such dirty allegations. Mattu said that Shaheena wanted him to allot a shop to her husband adding that same is being done at the behest of Deputy Mayor. 

A war of words today broke out between the two on Monday and the same continued today with both talking to media persons in this regard. Mattu addressed the media at his residence with the female councilor addressing the press conference at the press club here.

It would be in place to mention here that BJP supported Mattu to become Mayor of Srinagar while as Imran assumed the chair of Deputy Mayor with the support of Congress. While Mattu has been accused of switching over to different sides, Imran is a bank defaulter since he owes 125 crores to Jammu & Kashmir Bank on account of loan borrowed by him.

The female councilor said that she has been harassed by the Mayor and his coterie not once but on many occasions. She alleged that her estimate of 25 lakhs for carrying out development works in her ward was concealed by the Mayor. She said that Mattu made it clear to her that the estimate would be cleared once she accepts the ‘sexual’ offer. 

The councilor alleged that the Mayor and his PA manhandled and abused her in presence of many other councilors today saying that her pheran was torn apart. She alleged that Mattu hurled choicest of invectives on her despite the fact that many of her colleagues were present there.

The councilor said that she has approached many higher ups in the police department and has requested for lodging a First Information Report (FIR) against him. She has demanded that stern action under rules should be taken against the Mayor and his PA. She has threatened to come on road along with other councilors in case no action is taken.

However, Mattu said that the accusations leveled by the female councilor are baseless, concocted and motivated. He said the councilor is the age of his mother and has children as old as him. He said that the councilor made the accusations at the behest of Deputy Mayor. “I didn’t attend office and was chairing a review meeting of the Works Wing of the SMC at my residence at Church Lane, Srinagar. 

At the end of the meeting, I received a call from my Private Secretary (an employee of the SMC) that the said Corporator has barged into my office – physically assaulted the Private Secretary, Mr. Hussain and broke the computers and fixtures in the office demanding that a shop be allotted in favor of her husband in Srinagar and a job be arranged for a said person who she claims to be her son,” said Mattu.