The directorate of health services, Kashmir (DSEK) on Friday issued a health advisory as the cold wave intensified across the region with summer capital Srinagar recording minus 7.7 degrees Celsius – coldest in nearly three decades.

The health department has issued the following dos and don’ts for the people:

Wear warm clothes in layers. Wear a scarf, hat and gloves. Keep your hands and feet warm. 

Elderly (more than 65 age group) and infants are at high risk. 

Avoid exertion in cold weather if you are suffering from heart disease or high blood pressure

Cold weather makes your heart work harder to keep the body warm.

Cold weather also leads to increased formation of clots leading to heart attack and stroke

In case of chest pain contact doctor immediately.

Eat a balanced diet and drink frequent warm beverages (Kehwa). 

Avoid alcohol

Quit smoking 

Stay active indoors

Do not sit for long periods of time 

Move around once every hour 

If you are working outdoors, Work slowly and take frequent breaks 

Avoid walking on ice and snow

Warning signs of hypothermia: Confusion, shivering, difficulty speaking, sleepiness, stiff muscled.