Akbar Lone

National conference senior leader and MLA Sonawari Akbar Lone said that every time BJP said that Kashmir is not a problem.

He said but the reality is Kashmir is a dispute. While talking to Press Trust of Kashmir Akbar Lone said that if Kashmir is not a problem then what UN office is doing in Kashmir. “Why Kashmir issue is in united nation”, he asked adding that if Kashmir is not a dispute then why Line of Control (LOC) between India and Pakistan.

Akbar Lone added a BJP leader Ram Madhav says that Kashmir is not a dispute and it is in safe hands, because of the BJP. He said, “This is the mistake of Madhav what he thinks about Kashmir”

He added that BJP is taking part in elections in Kashmir adding that “Now we will see how many people will take part in elections”.

Akbar Lone said that the situation in Kashmir whether its north, south or central Kashmir is worst. He said “Every day we are seeing killings of militants, civilians, CRPF person in Kashmir. (PTK)