saying “the blood of these martyrs will not be allowed to go waste and Kashmiris will never forget their sacrifices.

Chairman Tehree e Hurriyat said that under a well-planned conspiracy, the lacs of forces in absence of any accountability have
decided to go for a full fledged war against people of Kashmir and the process has been started with the genocide of Kashmiri youth.

Sehrai said that the ultimate repression is being unleashed on the innocent people of Kashmir with a sole aim of breaking their
resolve towards the freedom movement.He said the ultimate fear and terror unleashed by the government forces.

Paying tributes to slain Kulgaam martyrs sehrai sahib said that people of Kashmir are associated with a great and sacred cause
and that the repressive measures can’t cow-down neither people nor the resistance leadership into a submission.

The martyrdom of these youth put a huge responsibility on our shoulders to honor these sacrifices and take the movement to its ongoing resistance movement to its logical end.”

Chairman Tehree e hurriyat also castigated the authorities for placing resistance leadership under frequent house detention and lodging many others under preventive custody, launching search and cordon operations in southern districts of Kashmir,harassing and arresting youth.

And Strongly condemned the house arrest of Tehreek e hurriyat leader mohd Ashraf Laya sahib and other leaders and activists.

stating that these ploys can never yield any result as people of Kashmir have time and again proved that no power or repression can break their commitment towards the just struggle of right to self-determination.

sehrai asked that “how long will world community maintain silence over the genocide of Kashmiris.

According to the statement,he said,The government forces have failed to suppress the Kashmiris and are now using inhuman
and brazen tactics to suppresstheir resolve.”

He questioned over the silence maintained by the world community and international human rights organizations, saying that “why don’t they break their silence over the human rights violation in Kashmir.” “The sacrifices rendered by the people won’t go waste,” he said.