National Conference on Wednesday hit out at Srinagar Mayor and former party spokesman Junaid Mattu for what it said using his new found affection for the BJP and its general secretary Ram Madhav to transfer an “honest Police officer Basant Rath.”

In a statement issued from party headquarters Nawa e Subah, YNC Provincial President and former Mayor Salman Ali Sagar said that the much talked “Change” is visible and its first casualty happens to be an honest Police officer known for his effective and innovative work.

“The much hyped bravado about bringing change to the city turned out to be sheer trumpery and hogwash,” he said.

Salman said that the clamorous assertions of Mattu turned out to be damp squib and reflective of the antipathy he has for upright and honest officers.

“Just to satisfy his ego, the new Mayor is behaving in a jumped-up way. He has at the very onset of this stint revealed what sort of ‘change’ he anticipates. I worry if he continues with the same disposition, it will prove detrimental to our institutions and the officials who are working in trying and challenging circumstances,” he said.

He said that the abrupt transfer of IG Traffic Rath after a tiff on social media with incumbent mayor has worried all the sane voices of state.

“The hasty transfer of an officer who was known for his no orthodox ways about dealing with the traffic mess in the state has drawn wide spread disgust from youth and other right thinking people here,” he said.

He said that recently Junaid Mattu had shown disdain for sustainable development by making an unwarranted comment on our ecologically fragile wetlands.

“United Nations has come up with Sustainable development goals which lay much emphasis on how important wetlands are and how crucial they are in sustaining our ecological system. There are some countries in Europe who have a full fledged Ministry of Wetlands. But here we have a mayor who wants to trample this delicate ecology by building concrete structures on our wetlands,” he said.