Hizb chief Syed-Salah-ud-din

Says “Hizb was fortunate enough to have with it a man of great intellect like Manan”

An emergency command council meeting of Hizb-ul-Mujahidden was held under the chairmanship of Hizb chief Syed-Salah-ud-din immediately after the death of a top commander Abdul Manan Wani and rich tributes were paid to him for achieving “martyrdom” during a gunfight with the government forces in Shahgund village of Handwara area in north Kashmir’s Kupwara district.

Hizb chief was quoted by the outfit spokesman, Saleem Hashmi in an e-mailed statement issued to KNS as saying “Not only the gun but the words of Manan Wani had also shaken the rulers in Delhi.”

While referring to Salah-ud-din’s address to a command council meeting in the statement quoted Hizb chief as saying “worth mentioning are the words of late Manan Wani who had said ‘when the occupier is brutal and bloodshed is his motive then his moral lessons are just betrayal. Such occupants hear the suppresses only way gun and scope for dialogue is wiped out, a very imperative it is to fight and take head on such an occupier.”

Saying that the martyrdom of Manan Wani has pushed Hizb-ul-Mujahideen into a state of shock as the people of great intellect like Manan are very rarely born, Salah-ud-din said, “Hizb was fortunate enough to have the association of a man of great intellect like Manan Wani.”

Deputy Chief of Hizb, Saifullah Khalid in his address to the command council said “Manan Wani was as good a warrior as good he was a scholar and an intellectual.”

Saying that though Hizb is in a state of shock but it is also a fact that people in the outfit are encouraged immensely by every single martyrdom, Saifullah Khalid said “the martyrdom of Manan Wani and his associate will bring fruits very soon.”

Tributing Manan Wani, Hizb operational commander Muhammad Bin Qasim according to the statement said “ Manan Wani was an asset and a torch bearer commander of the Hizb-ul-Mujahideen who would inspire many young souls to wage war for freedom.”