Turkish chef Nusret Gokce, famously known as Salt Bae, has ignited a social media storm after sharing a jaw-dropping receipt totaling $108,500 (approximately Rs 90,23,028) for a single meal at his Dubai restaurant last week.

In a nonchalant caption accompanying the controversial post, Salt Bae remarked, “Money comes, money goes,” over the weekend.

The detailed bill from Nusr-Et Steakhouse outlines a lavish feast, featuring a variety of dishes such as beef carpaccio, golden steak, French fries, golden baklava, a fruit platter, and Turkish coffee. The extravagant drinks order includes four porn star martinis ($130), two bottles of Chateau Petrus 2009 ($53,900), one bottle of Petrus 2011 ($17,700), and five double glasses of the exclusive Louis XIII cognac neat ($7,500).

Adding a hefty sum for tips, the diners concluded their extravagant experience with a payment of $24,500.

The entire amount mentioned in the receipt is in UAE currency – AED.

As the image of the exorbitant bill went viral, social media erupted with furious comments. Many users criticized Salt Bae and his restaurant, labeling it as “the most overrated and overpriced” establishment.

One user expressed disdain, saying, “Shameful as millions of people suffer from hunger.” Another comment emphasized the questionable use of wealth, stating, “Imagine being this wealthy and blowing it on food that isn’t worth it.” A third user echoed the sentiment, reiterating, “Imagine being this wealthy and blowing it on food that isn’t worth it…”

A fourth user went a step further, highlighting the potential impact on global issues, stating, “That would have fed at least 100,000 children in hunger around the world! How embarrassing!”