People’s Conference chairman Sajjad Lone who is an ally of the Bharatiya Janata Party said People conference worker are with Freedom Movement always adding that NC and PDP are mukbir (Informers).

During party convention in Handwara Sajjad Lone said that when PC won 2 seats in 2014 and he became Minister of Animal husbandry that time these people (NC-PDP) start making memes on social media and now with such memes I kicked out all these people”.

He further added such people had make fun of him and har said that “I only see dreams”. He added after national conference, PC was the second recognised political party in Jammu and Kashmir that time PDP was not born in JK.

“We are fighting for Jammu and Kashmir not only for Kashmir. All the three regions are same for us. All are same for us. We will form govt in Jammu and Kashmir”, he added.

“Those who vote for NC or PDP are voting against their own child. NC-PDP will never win a single seat in Kupwara, he added”.

Referring to NC and PDP, he said it was imperative to “expose their active role in the erosion of Article 370 till now” and his Peoples Conference would come up with white paper on it.

“We will come up with a factual detailed white paper clearly exposing their devious role,” Sajjad said.

He further added that whatever is happen in Kashmir all done by NC even 1 lakh people has been killed in Kashmir because of NC. “People conference worker are with Freedom Movement always and NC and PDP are Mukbar of Freedom Movement.

He added because of these political parties people were killed in Kashmir.