‘Adopt pro-people, human approach o deal with situation’

PDP leader and MLA Wachi Advocate Aijaz Ahmad Mir Thursday said that police should stop harassing youth and rather they should adopt a pro-people and human approach to deal with the prevailing situation.

Mir said the way police deals with the youth only pushes them to the wall which later becomes a reason for the youth to pick up the gun.

“This frequent harassment on part of forces is also a reason for alienation among youth and pushes them away from mainstream politics,” he added.

Mir was reacting to the news about the “illegal detention” of Wachi boy due to which he missed the Board examination paper. “Where on earth it is happening that a brother is detained in place of his another brother. This is what alienates youth,” Mir said.

He, however, hailed Advisor to Governor Khurshid Ahmad Ganai for ordering J&K BOSE to conduct the examination of the youth because of his “illegal detention”.

Mir said that in most of the cases youth are harassed without grounds being substantive and valid which is generating resentment and anger among the masses who already feel deeply alienated. “The random arrests being made have germinated more mistrust and anger among the people especially the youth. It should be stopped and harassment of the people be put to an end,” said the PDP MLA in a statement.