Kashmir Economic Alliance (KEA) is up in arms against State Government decision to privatize distribution of electricity.

The spokesman in a statement said that the KEA has supported the Strike call of Power employs and threatened to intensify their protest against the move.

KEA Co-chairman Farooq Ahmed Dar in a press conference here, has strongly opposed the decision of the State Government to go for privatization in power sector.

Stating that privatize distribution of electricity in Jammu and Kashmir is a direct attack on Article 35-A, Kashmir Economic Alliance (KEA) co-chairman Farooq Ahmed Dar demanded immediate revocation of this decision.

While calling the move anti-people he said that Kashmir being the conflict zone has suffered huge economic losses and paying hefty amounts as power fee to private companies will add to their hardships.

“Privatization of power as it will not only affect poor people but also hit daily rated workers working in the department,” he Said.

KEA Co-chairman said through privatization of the power sector, the water resources of the State would be exploited further. “Already our water resources have been exploited for many years. But now with this step, the power generated from the State will be supplied to other States while Kashmir will be left to the mercy of God,” he added.

KEA also warned that in case of Government won’t respect their genuine demands, they would come out on roads to stage protests.