You may have to wait more to ‘Subscribe’ to an iPhone

Apple recently started testing “buy now pay later,” otherwise known as Apple Pay Later, within a closed group of corporate and retail employees across the United States. Gurman notes if everything goes as planned, the service could debut in March. 

Apple has been working on the subscription program for several months.

Apple is developing a hardware subscription service that would allow customers to “subscribe” and receive an iPhone or other Apple device as part of their subscription, similar to the way current Apple subscriptions like iCloud work, reports Bloomberg.

Customers would be able to pay a monthly subscription fee and gain access to a device for the subscription period. This would be ideal for customers who do not have the funds to buy an expensive ‌iPhone‌, iPad, or Mac up front, but who can afford a monthly price for the device, plus it would bring in more revenue for Apple.

Customers would be able to purchase a hardware subscription on their devices, through the ‌App Store‌, through the company’s website, or at an Apple online store. (QNS)