Replicating oppression of 1990’s will yield Indian occupation nothing but failure: incarcerated JKLF chairman JKLF Muhammad Yasin Malik

Srinagar: Shifting Kashmiri inmates to outside jails is most cruel and illegitimate act of so-called rulers. Replicating oppression of 1990’s will yield Indian occupation nothing but failure.

This was stated by the incarcerated chairman of Jammu Kashmir Libation Front (JKLF) Muhammad Yasin Malik while condemning the recent shifting of dozens of Kashmiri detainees to Haryana (India) jail. It is pertinent to mention that recently about 40 Kashmiri inmates who are detained under black law Public Safety Act (PSA) have been shifted to Haryana (India) Jail from Kot-Balwal and Kuthua Jails.

Terming the shifting of Inmates to outside jails as most cruel, illegal and vengeful act of Indian rulers and their Kashmiri abettors, JKLF chairman said that all international laws and even orders of the supreme court of India prevent authorities from shifting inmates to jails that are far-off from their residences and families but Jammu Kashmir as everyone knows is a police state run on police whims and commands and what is more ironical is that all this is being done in the name of democracy and peace.

JKLF chairman said that in 1990’s, it was a common practice of colonial authorities to shift detainees to outside Jammu Kashmir jails and after pressures from international human rights groups and Indian civil society, the practice was halted until now.

After implementation of Governs rule in Jammu Kashmir, a dictatorial ordinance was issued by occupational regime authorizing establishment to shift Kashmiri inmates to Indian jails and now this ordinance has been put into practice by governor’s regime.

JKLF chairman said that shifting inmates who are already facing torment and torture in jails though has no significant impact on the lives of inmates but it puts their poor families in despair and misery and hurts them emotionally and financially and the actual cruel and revengeful motive behind these shifting is to inflict more and more misery to the families of these inmates.

JKLF chairman said that ironically the present regime is run by a governor who claims to be a political one but is on daily basis issuing dictatorial orders and statements which are highly regrettable.

Terming the plight of inmates languishing in various jails of Jammu especially Hiranagar Jail as most atrocious, JKLF incarcerated chairman said that inmates at the said jail are living in a hell as they are being tortured on daily basis, not let to move for a while outside their cells and even disallowed meetings with their kith and kin.

Similarly inmates in Kuthua jail, Kotbalwal jail, Jammu jail, and Srinagar central jail and other Jails and Tihar Jail Delhi are also facing apathy of Indian authorities which is highly condemnable.

JKLF chairman said that tyranny, oppression and torment is being unleashed against Kashmiri inmates with a sole purpose of defeating Kashmiri resistance against illegal occupation but oppressors fail to realize that if defeating any nation seeking freedom would have been possible by using oppressive tactics then many nation including India would not have been sovereign and free today.