Srinagar Traffic Police

To facilitate the 10th Muharram processions on 21st of September 2018, certain police arrangements have been made. Commuters and pedestrians are requested to adopt following routes while they travel:

1) In view of restrictions imposed in parts within Jurisdiction of Police Station Kothibagh, all the vehicles coming from Radio Kashmir crossing towards Amira Kadal will be diverted towards MA Road at Polo View Crossing and Regal Chowk Crossing. 

Moreover, traffic coming via road from clock tower (Ghanta Ghar) side shall be diverted towards M A Road at Palladium Lane.

2) In view of restrictions in the five police Stations of North city, no-entry points will be will be placed at Sangeen Darwaza, Rangar Masjid & Hawal.

3) Commuters travelling towards Soura & adjacent areas shall adopt Qamarwari, Noorbagh, Sekidaffer, Soura route via Ali Jan road.

4) Traffic coming from Nigeen will be diverted at Kanitar, people are advised to adopt Rainawari road while as No-entry will be maintained at Botakadal.

5) Commuters travelling towards Hazratbal shall adopt Rainawari or Fore-shore route. Similarly Commuters travelling from Hazratbal & adjacent areas towards city center shall adopt the same route.

6) No traffic will b allowed to ply from Hawal towards Nowshera or vice-versa.

General public is requested to cooperate with the law enforcement agencies. In case of any assistance people are requested to contact PCR Srinagar on 01942477567, 01942477568, 9596222550, 9596222551 or Police Control Room Kashmir on 100.