Ram Madhav

BJP’s in-charge of Jammu and Kashmir, Ram Madhav said that “we are ready to fight in Kashmir, but we will not let go one inch of land in Kashmir. 

We are bringing such a situation that today we do not have to say every day that Kashmir is ours. The country should not worry, Kashmir is in safe hands”.

He was speaking on the concept of Akhand Bharat and Kashmir, in Jaipur. “We come from that party which has the country in their DNA. In fragmented India, the first sacrifice for integrity was given by Shyama Prasad Mukherjee and we are ready to give the last sacrifice,” said Madhav.

He added, “We are ready to talk on every topic with Pakistan, but there cannot be a compromise on Kashmir issue. We will also eliminate the last militants who spread militancy in Kashmir and take strict legal action against the people supporting them.”

He also mentioned that the endeavor is that Kashmir will have good governance and for active political activities to continue, we want to elect Panchayat and urban local bodies institutions. There is no issue even if the political parties are not willing to do so,” he said in his address. 

The firebrand BJP leader said, “In Kashmir, we do not have to repeat the mistakes made before 1947.

Madhav said that immediately after Independence, we considered some people a representative of Kashmiris, but it is not so. 

The same mistake was made by the Congress in case of Muslim League. He said that today the Opposition is making an alliance, but they do not have a flag or any agenda. They just want to remove the government.