Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) chief Mehmood Shah has paid tribute to the recently killed people in Kashmir and said the “superior patience, valour, bravery and courage demonstrated by the public is exemplary and an honour for us”.

A spokesperson of LeT in a statement issued to GNS quoted Shah saying that the leadership and people are on the same page.

“By Allah (SWT), we will soon avenge this sacrifice,” Mehmood Shah said, adding, “Narendra Modi cannot triumph 2019 elections by shedding the blood of innocents. India will have to pay the price of every drop of the blood spilled. India is inviting its own destruction by shedding the blood of innocents.”

LeT chief said the “brutal policies” of India are “anti-Muslim and anti-Islam”.

“There has never been a worthy outcome out of bias, prejudice and discrimination,” he said.

The United Nations and human rights organizations must wake up from deep slumber, Shah said, adding, “We will never back off until we take avenge.”