Prolonging the incarceration of Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) chairman Muhammad Yasin Malik and others is an exhibition of the fact that Delhi through its proxies wants to establish peace of “graveyard” in Kashmir, this was stated by various JKLF leaders while speaking at a meeting held at JKLF headquarters on Tuesday.

The spokesman said that a meeting of JKLF leaders was held at party head office Abi-Guzar today in which various leaders participated and deliberated upon different issues concerning the resistance movement. 

Speaking on the occasion, JKLF leaders said that suppression by “military and police” means has risen to new heights in Jammu Kashmir and police and forces have been let loose in Jammu Kashmir turning Kashmir into a police state.

Speakers said that JKLF chairman Muhammad Yasin Malik was arrested along with vice chairman Mushtaq Ajmal, Muhammad Hanif Dar, Imtiyaz Ahmad Dar, Imtiyaz Ahmad Ganie, Shakir Ahmad Ahangar, Fayaz Ahmad and Basharat Ahmad from a peaceful protest at Lal Chowk. 

JRL, its constituents and the JKLF chairman along with his associates actually presented themselves before the authorities with a motto ‘instead killings Kashmiris of one by one kill us all together’.

The spokesman added that police resorted to tear and pepper smoke shelling, Lathi-charge and other measures and even do not spare women protesters. 

After using “brute and naked” force, police arrested JKLF chairman and others and booked them U/S 107,151 but on the next day when a magistrate bailed them out, police came up with new concocted charges like U/S 307 (attempt to murder) to prolong their incarceration. 

After re-arrest, JKLF chairman and others were presented before a court which remanded them for seven days police custody which ended today.