Akbar Lone

Senior National Conference (NC) leader and MLA Sonawari Mohammad Akbar Lone lashed out at Yogi Adityanath over his remarks regarding Kashmir.

Akbar Lone while speaking to News agency Press Trust of Kashmir said “Yogi is not in his senses, that is the reason he is giving such type of statement. He added that India is a democratic country adding that people live in India either they are Muslims, Hindus or from any other religion have right to live.

He added that, “Yogi’s mind is not working properly. He added that by such statement he is creating issues”. “This also seems that BJP is going to add more fuel on the wounds of people of Kashmir Valley who are facing bloodshed like situations”, he added.

Akbar Lone further added that, “There will be a time when India will be broken into pieces if such statements continue from these leaders. “It’s the misconception of such people if they think that only Hindu have right to live in India” he said. Lone further while slamming Yogi said, “Yogi is mentally disturbed”. (PTK)