Kashmir University

In unprecedented order, HoD law offers choice for examination in Dec or March; students urge VC to interfere

Despite rains and intense cold, hundreds of students from law school of Kashmir University on Thursday staged fresh protest outside the secretariat of the varsity’s vice chancellor, demanding final examinations be held in March.

Reports said students from 6th semester LLB including from supplementary shift assembled outside the VC’s secretariat and staged the protest in support of their “genuine” demand. 

“A notification should be issued announcing examination in March,” the students said, reiterating that the authorities were unnecessarily rushing through the examination. 

“The authorities seem to be rushing through the examination but we request them to follow the proper schedule and hold the examinations in March so that we get proper time to prepare,” the students said.

Students demand proper time to prepare to face examination with “relaxed mind rather than under duress.”

The weather in Kashmir Valley is also not feasible for examinations given that the deep freeze and power woes are adding to the difficulties of the people, particularly the students. 

The head of department has issued a notification by virtue of which students have been offered a choice of examination in March in December. 

“This is unprecedented. There are a few senior students, some of whom wield political influence and it seems that worthy head of department is acting on some dictates. We request vice chancellor to interfere and ensure that examination is conducted as per majority demand rather than give an impression that politics has plagued the varsity also,” the students said. 

To pacify the protesting students, some senior faculty members reached the spot and are trying to pacify the protesting students. (GNS)