SRINAGAR, DEC 13: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) spokesman of the Kashmir unit Altaf Thakur today said “Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has congratulated the Congress for its big wins in three states where voting was held over the last few weeks”.

Altaf Thakur while speaking to News agency Press Trust of Kashmir said “BJP still hold lot of seats that proves how much people love Modi adding that the people’s fist choose is Narendra Modi and people want to see Modi as next Prime Minster again”.

He added that the meaning of Modi is unbeatable, and no one can beat Narendra Modi. “The way these political parties make alliance of 19 parties prove how much they have fear of Modi. Congress, National conference, PDP and other political parties have nothing in front of Modi. They are small in front of Modi JI”, he added.

Modi always talk about Indian. “He neither use word Hindu or Muslim. He always talk about 133.92 crores of people India. The public’s positive assessment of Modi is buoyed by growing contentment with the Indian economy”, he added. “What Modi did for development of India, Congress never did that in past 70 years”, Thakur said.

Altaf added that People like Modi came after century. “Congress enjoy the win after almost 4 years now. They said that it is the end of BJP but the reality is that BJP will come in power again in 2019. BJP is world highest political party”, he said.

When asked about the killing in Kashmir Altaf said that this all happen because of national conference. What they did in 1987 everybody knows” said adding that BJP believe on development. (PTK)