Altaf Thakur (File Photo)

Says former JK chief minister must go for fact check, BJP bagged huge votes in three states where Cong won, Modi to rule India for next 5 years too as BJP is set to bag over 300 seats

Srinagar, Dec 14: Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) state spokesman Altaf Thakur while mocking at the former JK chief minister Omar Abdullah’s recent assertions that BJP and the Prime Minister Narendera Modi were losing ground in the country in the backdrop of recent victory of Congress in three states during assembly polls Friday said that Modi is a global leader and his prominence has been accepted by the world community.

 In a statement issued here, Thakur said that the defeat of BJP in just three states should not be misconstrued as the downfall of BJP as the former Chief Minister Omar Abdullah must do some ground work to see the vote share BJP has got in these three states and also see how PM Modi accepted people’s verdict with ultimate humility.

Thakur said that BJP has got huge vote share and it must have lost in the three states because of the fact that the party leaders and ministers would not have come up to the expectations of people there. He said that Prime Minister Modi’s policies, vision and the development mantra has been globally accepted and lauded while as people of India have full faith in the PM’s leadership quality.

Thakur said that given the fact that J&K is heading towards elections in the new few months, it seems that Omar wants to revive his old bond with Rahul Gandhi who claims to be heading a party where there is nothing beyond dynasty. He said that Omar too has been banking on the dynasty rule in J&K and both seem to be once again making a bid to strengthen the dynasty rule in India and J&K which BJP won’t allow.

Thakur said that Congress is a party where there is a deep division within the leadership as party stand’s divided due to the family politics where mother has one vision and son another. The BJP state spokesman said that under the dynamic leadership of PM Modi, the party will win more than 300 seats in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections as people of India believe in PM as a leader and BJP as a organization not the family party.

He said ever since BJP took the reins of the country, massive schemes for poor, farmers and downtrodden were launched and that the people of India are living a dignified life under the leadership of PM Modi that will continue in the next five years as well.