Socio-Political Activist Syed Karar Hashmi

Iran Qom 28/August /22: The renowned Socio-Political Activist Syed Karar Hashmi, studying at Qom Seminary termed dozans of mild earthquakes in the valley warnings from  Almighty Allah to all of us as a whole. Added that 13 earthquakes having mild intensity is a warning as well as  blessing for the believers, because it allows people to survive a much greater danger.

In a statement to the press, Syed Karar Hashmi said that if you pay close attention to these 13  minor earthquakes  in the valley,  you will testify that the people paid more attention to Almighty Allah and began to plead with their hearts or actions. Allah calls the believers, but if this voice is not heard, Almighty Allah makes his voice louder. He continues until his voice is heard. 

He observed that ” at the moment of an earthquake, a person, in complete helplessness and despair from everyone and everything, only calls out to Allah, and perhaps it can be said that this is the most sincere cry that a person has. A cry raised from the separation from God, even if we say it is out of necessity, it is still valuable.”

Renowned geologist Prof M A Malik on Friday cautioned against the possibility of a major earthquake in Jammu and Kashmir due to its vulnerable location in the Himalayan mountains.

Hashmi further said that “the more we put ourselves to sleep and the more we neglect these warnings, the stronger and more serious these warnings will be. Imam Jafar Sadiq (a.s) said “

إِذَا فَشَا الزِّنَا ظَهَرَتِ الزَّلْزَلَةُ

When adultery increases, earthquakes arise.”

“Therefore, natural disasters are divine signs and signs that we must pay attention to and understand their wisdom. The wisdom of natural disasters is the suffering and growth of believers. ” Syed Karar Hashmi added.