KASMIRI_MEMES_RELOADED, Mr Mohsin who makes funny yet relatable content on Instagram and is famous among K people(k means kashmiri).

Over the past several years, Mohsin Tariq, a comedian Born in Khuzestan continues to be among favorite stand-up comedians due to his unique skills for which he has become a household name.

Born in Khuzestan, Iran to Kashmiri parents. I had the opportunity to travel and live in various countries throughout my life. One of my fondest childhood memories was attending Burn Hall school in Srinagar. As a person, I have very strong values and principles, for me personally I live the quote “Your vibe attracts your tribe”, so I like to stay positive, be kind and spread happiness and joy. 

 Being far away from Kashmir, the Kashmiri meme page was born out of the sheer fact that I wanted to connect with like-minded people and get to know more about my roots and culture and what’s happening in the valley. As the page evolved, I realised I had something bigger on my hands, so I decided consciously to create content with SERIOUS social messages. The content I create is still relevant within our society and I believe my page and my followers want to break those stereotypes and create awareness about those issues. 

 I was quick to realise (with my few live interactions with people) that on K Insta, there was a lack of a safe spaces where mostly the gen Z could come up and discuss issues that they are facing in their daily lives, a space where they can laugh, feel like they are a part of a community, a place where they can call their own. A page where we discuss mental health issues, societal issues with compassion. I like to discuss these matters spreading positivity and love.   

 I would like to believe this page is very distinct because my content was shared across the globe to various countries and cities, to various K people living away from Kashmir. The content I created hit a sweet spot with the Kashmiri Pandits, the Kashmiri Sikh community, Kashmiri Muslims and some non-Kashmiri followers as well. In turn, what Kashmiri_memes_reloaded did was to bring these communities together under one big umbrella. 

We really try hard to ensure that our ‘K people’ community has a safe space every day. It’s a hard job to ensure that each comment is filtered, that there’s no racial slur, abusive language, sexist comments and any eve teasing. 

How I navigate through that is to have a moderator in the live who commits to deleting comments which don’t comply with the page rules, as well as read each comment on posts. For example, if anyone during the live sessions in the comment section is using abusive language, as a community the followers will send me an immediate screenshot of the person and they will be blocked from future live sessions. 

Kashmiri memes looks deep into my own personal experiences. I create my content. The Kashmiri meme community also helps me in giving suggestions and ideas for my content/ reels. They share their everyday issues or even societal stigmas with me and urge me to make content on it in my own style. 

My live sessions are pretty unique. I have viewers from the age of 4-70 watching every day without a fail. The sessions are light, humorous, easy breezy most times. It’s a free space to say whatever you want to say, without me judging you. The excitement of who’s ‘Neksht” keeps people at the edge of their seats. It’s been going on for over  two years now and many people have connected offline just by engaging with each other in the comment section. 

A lot of business networking has happened via my live. I have created a space for paid promotions as well, where businesses who want to expand their client base as well as put their brand out there to over 40k consumers.brands can contact me and I can make an advert for them. 

The proceeds that are being generated are given back to the society or a cause that I hope in some way helps our community. In 2020 the proceeds were given to buy many oxygen tanks and machines, in 2021 it was given to an individual whose family member was suffering from a health issue and needed it for the treatment. 

Being the children of conflict, unfortunately our lives are ridden with negativity, pain, mental illnesses, political dramas and much more. It was a conscious decision to create a space where people can come together for at least an hour without any heated discussions, hatred, judgements and just for a moment be united. This created a happy escape for many individuals who put aside their political views and focused on their similarities rather than differences.