Joint Resistance Leaders (JRL), comprising Syed Ali Shah Geelani, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq and Muhammad Yasin Malik, today warned New Delhi of mass uprising against, what they said, “brazen sale of our economic assets and environmental beauty besides evil designs to change the demography of the state.” 

 “Tinkering with the hereditary law, change in Muslim majority character of the state, elimination of state subject laws, privatization of electric projects, construction of military basements at Gulmarg and other health resorts of tourism destinations, are on the anvil to turn Jammu and Kashmir as a mere colony,” the leaders said in a joint statement.   

They said, “The 850 MW Rattle Power Project is being shared with some undisclosed Public sector undertaking of the Government of India. It will be another loot and plunder of our resources which only and only belong to the permanent residents of J&K.

The NHPC is already holding illegal and unconstitutional control over eight power projects including Salal, Uri I, Dul Hasti, Sewa II, Uri II, Nimo Bazgo, Chutuk and Kishen Ganga. Another three projects viz Pakal Dul, Kiru and Kawar with cumulative capacity of 2120 MW are being shared with them under the garb of joint venture Chenab Valley Power Projects Ltd (CVPP). 1000 MW Burser has been given to NHPC in the year 2000 on which though they have not started any work but remains with them.

Speculations are rife that J&K government is mulling to share 1850 MW Sawlakote with some Himachal PSU. 

“We cannot remain as mere spectators to the loot and plunder of these resources going on unabated,” the leaders said.

“We  will to fight these designs tooth and nail along with the massive support against the conspiracies having semblance with the role of East India Company for the British imperialism. The authorities should desist from such moves which are aimed at ruining our economy, render lakhs of electric employees unemployed and widespread destruction of our environment as a place for tourist destinations,” they said.

“We appeal to the people to observe a complete election boycott as an important political antidote for aggression to implement the ill designs by using these elections as a political tool,” they added.

Stressing the need for close contacts and widespread consultations with the people, the leaders said, “It is highly imperative to launch a people’s uprising against the brazen sale of our economic assets and environmental beauty besides evil designs to change the demography of the state,” 

They expressed anguish over the vulnerability of a small scale business community of Kashmir working in Manali, Himachal, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi and other states.

 The JRL condemned the brutal attack on a young businessman and intimidation of others as a grave cause of concern for them, warning that “If necessary measures for protecting their lives are not taken immediately, it might have serious consequences.”