Politicians are misusing the Religion to befool people for vote bank Politics. Aga Syed Mahmoud  Should apologize the Shia Community for what he said. Social Activist Syed Karar Hashmi

The Politicians are using religion to gain and retain the power in any condition without bothering about to what will happen to community, society and a nation as a whole.  

In Kashmir, Center has used political parties as well as politicians wisely like rubber stamps to get their things executed well on ground at any cost.  

The statements given by Aga Syed Mahmood is enough to understand that he has sold his spirit to the devil and is trying to use religion as a ladder to retain the power.  

Every problem has a cause behind it; one who is more aware with the cause of a problem can suggest more lucid solution to it. Freedom fighters have a close interaction with society, live among the people, know their problems and have the capacity to resolve them.  

Fully aware about the Kashmir situation, they can surely play a pivotal role than anyone else in resolving it. You people have always enjoy VIP culture and luxurious life in Kashmir and it is AAm Aadmi , who were killed , tortured , blinded and what not.  

The prophets did not leave behind Riyals and Dollars rather they left behind history and knowledge.  Given the clout and regard they command in society, Since Ulemas hold high esteem and position in Kashmir society, they have to shoulder major responsibility to restore peace and to discourage all tyrannical acts of the respective existing actors. 

Talked to the Executive member of Islamic Peace Movement Aga Syed Idrees Rizvi about such gruesome developments in the valley, said, we will never allow anybody misuse Religion for vested political interests and our organizations is all set to kick start a massive campaign in Kashmir to aware youth about tactics being played by the enemies of Kashmir and Islam. ”

It is everybody’s duty and a cup of tea to play their crucial role in building peace and solution to the contemporary issues confronting our Nation.  Lakhs of people have been martyred; thousands blinded and continue unrest in Kashmir, on contrary, activities of begging for Vote at any cost will bring miseries and nothing at all. 

Kashmir can never be subdued by the military might but only by the spiritual forces. Kashmir is the biggest concern for the World today and a big challenge for all those lovers of peace and Justice. 

Scholars have the responsibility of being guides and teachers of the people so that peace to be prevailed in the valley. Equipped with knowledge, the scholars are better placed than other segments of society to espouse and advance the cause of peace. The misuse of the religion by the hands of politicians is highly damaging the image of Islam.

Our youth and New generation is vigilant, monitoring all your theories and actions in and outside Kashmir. Be and act like Kashmiris not foreign aliens, you are getting position to represent the sentiments and aspirations of Kashmiris and their problems.  

Aga Syed Mahmood belongs to well esteemed family, having massive contribution in Kashmir as a whole but unfortunate to all frenzy mess he spoke. 

Syed Karar Hashmi

Social Activist and Political Commentator from Central Kashmir Ganderbal at contemporary studying in Jamia Al Mustafa International University Qom Iran.